A flow of consciousness. 

The world has shifted today. Have you ever questioned the words you use? I seem to never run out of "I think's" in my writing. I think that I'm tired. I think society's weird. I think I want to read a book. I think this is a mess. It's time I grow away from bad habits. I'm tired and society's weird. I want to read a book, but I'm a mess. I've started a journal of self-criticism. That might sound slightly psychotic and I don't disagree, but it's too soon to see the results. Too soon to notice the damage it's done. I wonder if I'm ever going to be satisfied. With the world, with whom I choose to converse, with myself. Strange to think about our past selves. How did we survive when our opinions were so skewed? Ignorance is bliss, yes. Never will we stop growing and changing. I have a problem with that. Where is the finish line? Where's the certificate and congratulations? The participation award? Are we to forever struggle to breathe in this mess of life?