Daikokuya: Takoyaki + Tsukemen

TAKOYAKI: a Japanese snack made of flour + filled with bits of octopus, fried in a special takoyaki pan, covered in various sauces, tempura flakes, and set atop green onions.

Now this gorgeous setting is called 'tsukemen'. It differs from the regular ramen style of soup + noodle, it instead is a dip noodle type of dish. What you do is take a chopstick-full of the ramen noodles, briefly and fully dip them into the bowl full of delicious broth, and then eat! Chopstick level: advanced. I lost quite a few noodles in the broth void, but don't fret, they're able to be saved and enjoyed! Just be quick. Or get a fork.

One other thing: Daikokuya's eggs are fantastic. Perfectly soft boiled, full of flavor, just scrumptious! I would order a whole dozen if my stomach could handle it.