To December

I often wonder what my life would be like if I was left lost wandering this world alone.

I am fortunate to have found such a selfless partner, a person who possesses half of me and me half of him.

Writing these words, I realize that I've always seen love as a white curtained window on a breezy summer day.

It's not. It's not a montage of white toothed smiles, intertwined hands and brunch.

It's washing the dishes, fiddling with electronics in silence and complaining about daily annoyances.

It's being completely and utterly comfortable with every single aspect of the other person.

The puppy phase is brief, the transitional phase is difficult and personal.

Then there are the tests. When the ground is more even. When you know each other so well and so deeply.

Will you spend the rest of forever with this person?

Are you still in love?
Will you be in love five years from now?
Is he the one?

For some, the investment was faulty. They leave.
For others, they say eh and stick it out for a little while longer. But only for a time.
For the rest, they stay.