My room is usually a bit more cluttered than I would like. I'm a hoarder. It's hard to let go of things.


I remember back when I was first trying to figure out what I wanted my room to be like. I was sitting cross-legged, wearing my oversized Eiffel Tower t-shirt and gray sweat shorts on my creaky bed surrounded by my new green walls. 

I was hoping my room would magically always be clean if I declared it to be, but it didn't work out that way. Polka dots ended up everywhere, fairy lights were strung on lace curtains, folders were stacked up and then tipped over, photos were spread out on every available surface, and the bed was rarely made. I've now realized that nope, I'm not that tidy of person. Especially when I'm running around school all day only to come home and fall into bed. But I do try to organize and clean up when I have time. That's all we can do. We can try and hope it works out, and it's crazy, but sometimes it just does (in one way or another).