Americans Rafting in PyeongChang

Recently, my university in Korea organized an exciting water rafting event in PyeongChang: Donggang River Water Rafting! Here are some happenings.

1. Our instructor having less than ten words in his English vocabulary, thus our Korean friend Harry instantly became a translator, and through him, we learned our instructor's name, birthday, and if he thought we were a bit strange (he did).

2. Our boat breaking into loud song every time we got a break from rowing. Tracklist: We are the Champions, Breaking Free, What Dreams are Made Of, Centerfold, and Let it Go.

3. Despite how diverse our large group is, my raft ended up having a majority of American students.

4. Rafts breaking out in splash wars as "greeting". Either that or having a huge knot of tension form when one drifted near the other.

5. Our instructor having no idea what was happening.

6. Our raft getting stuck on a rock, thus we had to all pile on one side and jump up and down.

7. Everyone wanting leadership, shouting out "One, Two" and either getting a responsive "Three, Four!" or a stretch of awkward silence. Our loyalties soon belonged only to our instructor.

8. Quietly passing by a boat of people, only to have one guy shout out in surprisingly perfect English, "Where are you from?" and learning his home city, Chicago.

9. Forming peace treaties with certain boats and raging war on others.

10. Calling ourselves the Flying Dutchmen and winning first place.

11. Some boats claiming they were unsplashable due to having a child on board, and then proceeding to heavily splash us.

12. An instructor from the next boat over said, "A child is crying," paused dramatically, then pointed at us and continued, "because of you."

13. Wanting more rapids, then wanting more rabbits, then rabid rabbits.

14. Swimming in the river with huge life vests and then getting pulled back onto the raft backwards in squid position.

15. Boat jokes.