Atlanta, Georgia

I am in Atlanta, Georgia! After a night spent on a coach bus, I am completely and utterly wiped out. We departed on Friday the third, and it is now the night of the fourth. "We" as the students participating in the Civil Rights Pilgrimage, are going to travel to 10 cities in 10 days. And along the way, we are going to learn firsthand about the struggles and achievements the people of the Civil Rights movement.

Today, particularly, I toured the CNN Headquarters. It was definitely less than I expected, yet it impressed me immensely. I am a huge fan of Anderson Cooper.

Then our group headed to the spot where we were supposed to load the buses, but of course got distracted and wandered into the Centennial Olympic Park, where we walked along the Reflecting Pool, spied people ice skating, and gasped at the huge Christmas tree that stood several feet tall. We then found ourselves at The World of Coca-Cola's park, which was littered with huge Christmas ornaments, each with its own design and charm. And although I didn't get a chance to, I loved seeing people enjoy horse drawn carriage rides on the streets. Atlanta is a beautiful city, with people wandering the streets hand in hand, curious shops around every corner, and cozy one way streets lined with tall trees smothered in Christmas lights. It has also been deemed by our bus driver (who has seen the skylines of all the major cities around the country) as the city with the most beautiful skyline. Atlanta is blessed.