David Janakey

“It gets overwhelming being here. Form borrowed from a timeless cycle. A resting "I" behind eyes that paint days and things in coats of fear and desire. Greasing the empire's gears, locked in a dance with the clock. Clinging to a small world of symbols, persons, and words. caught in roles coping with the exchange of pain.

Cracked open by the terrible beauty of it all. drunk on the shade, love sick on light, high off rising air. head over heels for the extraordinary moment. It's hard to stay in that place for too long with all the noise, the work is going back to it.”

#alovediary: an impromptu photo series of those I love and admire

David is a trudge through an open field on an autumn day, crisp, surrounded by colors of the setting sun. Always one with the best hugs, seeing him is like stepping into a home. I've often stumbled upon his voice echoing through floorboards as tea is being brewed, notes reverberating and intertwining with the strings of his instrument, all handled with free expertise. 

Amanda Thao
Lauren French

“Lately I've been thinking about self love and how that idea can sometimes become a false medicine for dissatisfaction. Loving and being kind to ourselves is important always. But we can't let the concept that we should always be content with where we are in life stop us from realizing when we need to do more. An essential facet of self love is loving ourselves fiercely enough to recognize when our goals are escaping us, and calling ourselves out for it. There's real strength in that.”

#alovediary: an impromptu photo series of those I love and admire

I met Lauren in her position as editor-in-chief of our student newspaper. A flash later and I'm crying in her office as she attempts to comfort me with the tunes of Nicki Minaj. With most gentle hands, Lauren handles everything carefully with a large helping of Minnesota nice. Lover of truth and justice, she is quite plainly - a superhero.