Hey there, I’m a digital product designer, curious about the world and ready to make it better.

Really appreciate you for coming by. My name is Amanda Mos Thao and my pronouns are she/hers. I used to sneak my mom's camera outside to take pictures and since then, have mapped out the world in grids and pixels.

More about my journey

Oh hey! Welcome to my lil story pocket. Here's a bit more about my journey into design.

My family owned a small grocery store in Wisconsin where I spent almost half my life stocking shelves, talking to strangers, and mopping floors. And through that experience, learned a great deal about people, empathy, and business.

But I was still kind of a lost kid. I changed my major 4 times in college, starting in the sciences then moving into journalism and landing in advertising after I realized I can get paid to be creative (some people still don't know this!).

So I went to grad school to study advertising and experience design and to be honest, had no idea what product design was outside of making cool chairs. But one day, I presented some work I was passionate about and someone was like, hey, this is product design! Blew my mind.

Then I did what anyone else would do - I bought a bunch of books. Did I read them all? Getting there. But I did join design Twitter.

This industry combines everything I love: design, people, and business. And I'm excited to keep improving the world pixel by pixel.

Five truths and one me

💁 bagged groceries for 10 years to build character
🍟 hosted a radio show about potatoes and feelings
🙈 posed for a film festival poster that still haunts me
💫 started a secret creative organization that failed
🍀 secretly saved my cousin from drowning one time

What I value

Resilience. Failure is inevitable, but it's the growth and iteration that comes after that makes all the difference.

Empathy. Doing the work to understand and make room for different experiences is core in how I approach the world and my work.

Collaboration. I am constantly learning from the people around me about how to be a better designer, teammate, and human being.


Playing Overcooked, reading Kafka on the Shore, and hole punching some wall art.

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